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Hey wonderful being!

Awesome, that you would love to participate in the Ghetto Tarot Playshop!
Please read the following points and fill out the form below.

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways, totally worn out, sparks flying, shouting, ‘What a ride!’ ” – Hunter S. Thompson

– This is going to be an adventurous trip. We will drive on moto-taxis and will go on a long hiking tour (2 days/6 hours a day), sleep in rooms with fans without AC (but in November nights are chilly anyway) and have cold showers (remember we are in the Caribbean, so the weather is hot). It is Haitian style and will make us feel alive. If you prefer a private room with AC and hot showers, we can reserve a room for you in nearby hotels for an extra charge of 80USD per night.

-We made sure to support the local economy in Haiti with our accommodation choices. We chose them wisely, knowing that the owners will create job opportunities and share their profits with their community.

– We advise you to get a travel insurance just to be on the safe site. Even though we are pretty sure nothing is going to happen, we can never be completely certain.

– We will send you a list with things to bring. Please try to keep your luggage light and easy to carry.

– If you feel that you are not ready to do the mediation walk with us (6h walking/day), you may join us only for the second part of the Playshop or you’ll spend the two days in the mountains with one of our Haitian guides and we’ll drive you to Jacmel.

– To secure your place in the Playshop, we require you to make a prepayment of 900USD via Paypal.

– Please watch the film AIDependence before you come.

– Several weeks before the Playshop starts, you will be receiving emails with exercises to prepare yourself for our journey.

– The Ghetto Tarot Playshop fee of 1.850 USD includes all costs of the workshop, transportation (except flight and airport transfer), accomodation, meals, refreshments. (+500 USD for a private room). Your space will be secure when you have paid the prepayment for the Playshop. Prepayment before the 1rst of May qualifies you for a 10% discount. For supporters of the Ghetto Tarot campaign, there is an extra discount of 5%.

Please answer the following questions:

Thank you for your application. We will be contacting you shortly. When we feel that you fit into our group, we will ask you for a short Skype call to get to know you before the Playshop and to answer your questions.

Thank you so much for sharing the enthusiasm!

A WHOLE NEW HIGH is a whole new perspective on how we perceive, use and administer entheogens which are drugs, psychedelics and power plants, to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness to encourage emotional and physical well-being.

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Get to Know The Spirit of Psilocybin